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Rude, theives and disrespectful!!! We used this company for both ways!! First way £17 no problem. I then called them on my return and double checked it was £17. Man on the phone asked what our home address on the phone...dodgy! He also said £19 instead of £17!He then put phone down on me!! Then, 20 mins later got a text saying that the car had arrived. No comformation text like I should have got!!! The driver then demanded money from my sister and I at the started of the journey. He didn't give in until we said we had it at home for the 3rd time! At the end of the journey he demanded one of us to stay in the car whilst one of us goes to get the money. I went in to get the money and he then started to drive off much further then need be! Worst taxi ever and from this journey never using them again!! £17 for a 20 min journey not worth it!!!!!!

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