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AVOID AVOID AVOID! Please use any other taxi company. We ordered their services there and back to a village just outside of Bedford. On both journeys, we had passengers feeling travel sick and feeling like they had been knocked around in the taxi. Unfortunately the drivers care more about completing the job quickly as opposed to their passengers safety and the laws of the road. Despite the return journey not being after midnight, they tried to charge us way more and locked us in the car when we questioned why it was so much more money. The driver also tried to illegally charge us more money for using a debit card. He eventually did drop this when I said it was against the law but I wonder how many other people he has done this to. When we called the head office, their response showed that they did not care at all and they commented on how we were wasting the driver's time and he needed to get on with other jobs. They treat and speak to their customers utterly rubbishly. Please please please, use any other taxi company!

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