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Don,t mind waiting if told truth but a 20min delay 3 phone calls to chase up and still no cab 1hr later just gave up
Its all very good having all this booking tec and texts etc to confirm just send a car,yet another bad service   13-02-16


Phoned for a cab told it would be 20mins still no show after 40mins told he was just down the road but traffic was a problem,in the end I drove into town didn,t see .any sign of him on my way,no traffic problem what so ever.Got into town parked car got text telling me he was waiting outside a good hour later.Why take bookings you can,t handle.This my second bad experience with this company the fist time they turned up late and the driver tried to break the land speed record,56 miles per hour in a 30 zone,phoned up but not interested what so ever,money before customer safety   11-02-16